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Crocodile - Crested Gecko

I got Crocodile at a reptile convention in September of 2022.

A small, crested gecko on a coconut

Sadie - Leopard Gecko

I got Sadie with two other geckos from someone who couldn't take care of them anymore. She's the best eater out of all the geckos.

A slightly dark and blurry photo of a leopard gecko. It's shedding.

Tilly - Leopard Gecko

Tilly is the weirdest out of all the geckos. She seems to have symptoms of Enigma Syndrome(?) and is a little difficult to feed.

A leopard gecko with it's mouth open

Dutch - Leopard Gecko

Dutch reminds me of a grumpy, old man. He likes to watch me from inside one of his hides, and is the only one not okay with being handled.

A pale yellow or white gecko laying down with it's arms on it's sides

Arthur - Leopard Gecko

Arthur came from a kid who had grown out of wanting a lizard. She's been the most difficult gecko so far, as she's not been interested in eating since I got her. (I have asked a vet about it, nothing to worry about yet.)

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Ace was my first betta fish in 2020!

A photo of a red betta fish with long fins



A grey, purple and golden betta with short fins



A betta with a pale pink body and pale yellow fins. It has a streak of dark blue scales and long fins



A photo of a light, grey-blue betta with orange fins.



A black and red betta. It's tail fins are folded behind so they look small.


Kieran is mostly blind, so he lives in his own tank. It looks like his scales grew over his eyes. (Dragon eye, or diamond eye)

A blue, purple, black and white betta with elephant fins.



This was my first cat! I got her for Christmas in 2015. She is 8 years old.

Photo of a sleeping black cat with only the upper body showing.


Moth was a stray that was outside the house in 2019. It was getting cold, as it was November. He's probably around 5 years old. (He's usually called Chunky)

Photo of a grey tabby with small ears that curl back. It's looking over it's shoulder at the camera.


I got Biggie in 2021. He's an orange cat so I guess it was required that he be goofy. He's a little older than a year.

Photo of a orange and white tabby. Only it's head is in frame, and it's looking at the camera

Miles Upwheel

I got Miles second-hand from someone on May 10th, 2023 (my birthday!) He's named after the Outlast character (Miles Upshur) not the Spiderverse character lol

Photo of a chocolate brown hamster. He's sitting up and looking a little to the side of the camera

A line of green hearts

Astarion & Gale

Astarion and Gale are still pretty young! They're still getting used to me :)

Photo of a brown and white guniea pig being held by someone in a yellow sweatshirt.

Photo of a white guniea pig being held by someone in a yellow sweatshirt.

A line of green hearts